heffieclumpsnoore and elephantnails

Okay, here we go!

To start with: We're just two crazy swedish girls, so please don't take everything here as serious stuff. It really isn't.

All this started as total nonsense at an english lession, and we continued our little talk later and decided that we should get a blog and write about all the crazy stuff in our heads. And that, my friend, is a lot of random shit. But it's cool, we really like it! So we'll be writing about frogs, heffieclumps, elephants, our little heaven and Hedvigs magic bookcase.

Maybe we should tell you our names to (there's many people who do that, at least that's what I've heard)? Our names are Hedvig and Ellen, we where born in the beautiful 90's. It was the year 1995 and on the 13th of August a tiny baby girl decided to come out. And after that the peace on earth was forever gone. Haha just kidding, no, that tiny girl was Hedvig! And precisely 4 months after that, December 13, another tiny baby girl was coming out. She was (as always) in a hurry, because the doctors said that she should've waited until January 8 1996. Well, obviously she didn't. Her parents named her Ellen (no one could see that one coming huh?).

Right now we are 15, going on 16, years old. We live in a small town called Värnamo but I don't think that any of us will stay here forever. We're both fans of Coldplay and Salem al Fakir, actually, it would be better to say that we're fans of music. Because we LOVE music!

I don't know what else to say about us, we wear dungarees. Therefor we are.

Peace out homies!


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